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We enable a transparent, hassle-free and affordable sourcing of raw materials with lab-test backed quality assurance & transparency for shaping the future of our physical world

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We are a distribution network of lab-test verified materials produced across INDIA

Powered by transparent & risk-free
transaction infrastructure

We understand that sourcing products & materials for construction or manufacturing business from unorganized market through an unsecured process, induces multiple risks & hassles. We exist to make the journey smooth, hassle free & risk-free

Access authentic data

Access pre-verified reports on each materials for selection

Transact risk-free

With smart contract based escrow payment system

Track end-to-end

Get real-time supply-chain data with inspection reports

Empowering retailer's with end-to-end backend infrastructure for

offering seamless retail experience 

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Store that provides physical & digital experiences
with authentic information's

With our tech-enabled multi-layered verification process of each resources and partner's onboarded on numerous parameters, we strive to bring you the most authentic data of the resources from the source till the end along with providing information transparency all throughout the procurement process through quality inspection, delivery inspection, transaction monitoring so that your procurement becomes hassle-free!

Store that can ensure quality of materials with tech-enabled quality
inspection & tracking systems

Quality transparency is our focus. To ensure that, we deploy multiple quality tracking and auditing measure's through out the supply chain. From employing trained quality inspector's at factories to testing materials at quality testing labs, we integrate an end-to-end quality inspection system to ensure the right quality delivered as promised. With our tech-enabled systems, we track quality of each of the parameters of each item delivered with IS standards / quality specification of the project. We are your partner to help you gather resources for your project as per the desired quality.

Store that enables risk-free transaction 

We know, material purchases involve huge sums of money and that should not be at risk.  So we solve that by being a procurement gateway generating smart contracts for each procurements integrated with smart payment processing system & pre-embedded legal resolutions to reduce bad disputes & risks.

Enabling retailers to grow 10x with the same working capital


Access 10x inventory with the same investments

Businesses needs to procure in bulk in order to access higher margins per unit sale, however, bulk procurements involve higher cashflow and blockage of working capital and result in dead inventories as well. To solve this problem we have introduced inventory pooling where multiple businesses can divide the total investments for bulk procurements and each gets access to the whole inventory at a divided cost and showcase 10x more product samples to customer's & switch to 10x growth!


Reduce operations cost by even 90%

We understand that retailer's face hassles & challenges in costs of operations management including warehousing & inventory handling cost, delivery management cost, billing & invoicing management. So, we serve as their backend partner with shared warehousing & inventory handling, delivering on behalf of retailer direct from central warehouses, automated billing & invoicing software and order management. Enabling retailer's to operate at even 1/10th of their operations cost!


Start a retail store at 1/10th investments

We enable to start new retail store with ready-made virtual and physical store set-up without the need for any inventory stocks but get access to capitalize on nearly infinite collections and inventories sourced from different parts of India. We offer low-friction to start new retail business with our backend infrastructure as a plug-in.

Abstract Building was born to make material sourcing for businesses to be more efficient, affordable, transparent, hassle-free & risk-free.

The platform simply exists for that cause.

We enable construction & manufacturing businesses to grow with better margins

Construction or manufacturing business are low margin business with high risks. However, the maximum part of their expenses is made for procurements of raw materials. We enable small and medium scale construction & manufacturing businesses to make better margins by lowering their procurement cost by giving access to affordable materials of better quality, benefits of bulk procurements and simplified material scheduling & sourcing solutions


First-rate materials


Quality transparency with lab tests


Risk-free transaction process

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Procure at factory pricing


Cost-reduction in logistics


Business growth support

Parallel Lines

For manufacturer's  we provide  'distribution-as-a-service' to reduce their hassle, cost and risks in distribution to retail network as well as other businesses.

We act as a distribution partner for manufacturer's

Our network aggregates new orders with payment assurance for the manufacturer's

India is a hub of numerous small, medium and large scale manufacturer's of construction materials and service provider's, however, there lacks an effective platform that not only enables them to showcase their innovative product's/ solution's, but also to transact risk-free with unknown clients from India or the globe and scale their business in a much faster way in a risk-free manner. If you are one of such manufacturer or service provider, register your profile on

want to sell via

REGISTER to boost your business with
and take it to new heights with's growing network

Building Blocks

Register your product's/ material's as manufacturer

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Register as a retail partner of itabaalu

Join us to transform the material distribution systems for the growth of small & medium scale venture's


We’re based out of Kolkata, India

Currently our offices are spread across Kolkata, Krishnanagar (Nadia) and Asansol and our team works both on remote as well as hybrid mode, with a single vision to build an uninterrupted supply-chain for enabling better standard's for the future of physical world with the power of transparency..


We are an inter-disciplinary team looking for motivated individuals

Enthusiasm towards the vision and mission with a dedicated motivation towards achieving success and growth with a team-spirit is what we look for the initial screening of the applicants. 

Construction Site



We are looking for full-stack developer with 2+ years of experience working in developing digital products, with knowledge in django, Python, and React Native



We are looking for data scientist who can contribute in development and deployment of applied, predictive and prescriptive analytics, develop end-to-end machine learning models, hyperparameter tuning, evaluation, interpretation and deployment



We are looking for a blockchain architect who can support innovation and research to help incorporate blockchain technology, smart contracts, and web3 solutions for products and solutions built by the development team

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