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The team

We are a team of architects, designers, software engineers and professionals from the construction industry, developing a blockchain enabled supply chain networking system and information sharing platform for small and medium scale construction industry with an aim of democratizing the 'access to opportunity' for every stakeholder's in the value chain.

We are trying to be a digital catalyst for maximizing the efficiency of construction supply chain process and make a path for the billions of users to build and enjoy better quality of spaces at affordable prices.


We are on a mission to create a positive impact for the millions of small scale businesses in construction supply chain and people associated with them, who are hustling daily with their physical labour, sweat, risks and uncertainty, by democratizing the 'access to opportunity' for all and in return help increasing the efficiency and quality of the industry as a whole to offer affordable and better quality of spaces to live, work and play for billions of people!

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Meet the Team

We started our journey. We are on a path to create a team who wishes to witness the journey and create a change!

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