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Tiles laying labour contractor required - 2 sites

Sheohar, Bihar, India

Work category

Tiles laying

Apply before

August 9, 2023

Scope of work

  • Execution of all tiling works for a pre-fab structure having an approximate area of 2050 sq.ft, including all tiles laying in floors, skirting, toilets all other elements mentioned in the detailed drawings, which shall be provided to shortlisted vendor's after verification by

  • Tiles laying contractor's required for 2 similar project sites at various locations in Sheohar district, Bihar, India. A contractor may apply to work as an tiles laying contractor for any of the project site or all the project sites ( preference needed to be filled in the application form available in the next steps)

  • A reference drawing of the building is attached in the following:

Contract terms

  1. Any machinery. tools, consumables and ladders that may be required will be within the scope of the contractor

  2. The cost of food and accomodation for the labour is also within the scope of the contractor; however, in case the accomodation is not available, the client shall be able to assist

  3. The labour contractor will depute a supervisor to supervise the work and the same shall be done in good workmanship manner, as per standard IS code and other codes and the local supply authorities regulation with latest ammendments

  4. The labour contractor shall depute adequate number of skilled and un-skilled labours, and if found necessary, the labour contractor, must supplement the workforce, to adhere to the completion schedule

  5. The labour contractor shall arrange at his own cost for the transport for all the labour and minor materials to the site of work

  6. The successful bidder has to immediate submit a completion schedule/ work schedule, in the form of a bar chart, showing in detail, the time required for each job/ activity and the dates on which the particular job will be completed.

Payment terms:

  • The terms of payment will be 15% advance, which would be made upon the team reaching the sites, the remaining amount will be paid as per the submission of RA bills; final payment will be made within 30 days after the completion of work

About the Employer

Empoyer name : Modulus Housing

Employer type: B2B

Address of employer : IIT Madras Research Park, Chennai, India

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