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Tigonis Tiles adhesives -Ultra Premium

TIGONIS TILE ADHESIVES provide a range of dry mix mortar tile and stone fixing solutions over a variety of substrates in different conditions, available in total of 5 variants; all complying with global EN and BIS standards for tile and stone fixing.

Product/ material category

Tile adhesives

Application/ use case

Specification & details

  • Standards: Tigonis Tile Adhesive Ultra Premium complies with the adhesion requirements of IS 15477: 2019 Type 2 – Grey Color

  • Pack Size: 20 Kg , 30 Kg

  • Coverage Estimates: Coverage up to 2.25 sq ft / per kg with 3mm thickness. Pack size Coverage 20 kg approx. 45 sq ft and with Pack size 30 kg approx. 68 sq ft using a 6 mm x 6 mm square notch trowel. Note: Coverage will depend on the nature and flatness of the surface and the method of application. For good coverage, it is must that all surfaces are smooth, plumb, level and free from defects and undulations.

  • Application Areas: Interior Floor, Interior Walls (Up to any height), Tile on Tile applications on floor and wall

  • Tile Size: Interior and exterior Floor application – Up to any size Interior Wall application – Up to 5 ft by 2.5 ft

  • Type of Tile: Ceramic, Vitrified tiles, Clay tiles, Stone, Mosaic, Large Tiles for interior applications, Tiles with porosity less than 3% for all interior applications

  • Bed Thickness: Up to 12 mm bed thickness

  • Substrate: Cementitious, plastered walls, Concrete, Cement - lime mortars, Screed

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About the brand/ manufacturer

Bengal Building Solutions Pvt Ltd (BBSPL) thrive to be one of the largest building materials solution providers in India and in South-East Asia aiming at becoming pioneers in providing eco-friendly building and construction materials. The company is led by an immensely qualified and experienced team comprising of industry veterans with IIT and IIM background and having run huge multinationals over the decades. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit is in Amtala, South 24 parganas, West Bengal, which is all set to be India’s first integrated, versatile plant, manufacturing different cement based and allied products like blocks, cementitious dry mix mortars, construction chemicals and various other paint products and derivatives. BBSPL aims to provide easy, one stop solution to all your asset development needs. BBSPL has recently launched their flagship brand TIGONIS in Eastern India.



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Shiladitya Roy
Shiladitya Roy
Sep 14, 2023

It is a good product.

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