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Engage as your 
procurements management partner

We help to organize your construction procurements with end-to-end information transparency

Service feature's

Data-driven construction procurement management support from start to completion

Procurement management blueprint

Resource sourcing through bidding

Contracts & transactions management

tech - driven supply chain tracking

Inventory based automated ordering

Dedicated fulfillment manager

The advantages is a full-stack supply-chain platform helping to organize resources for every phases of construction/ infrastructure projects

A construction or infrastructure project involves sourcing, procurement & management of numerous products, materials & services. Organizing all kinds of resources at the desired cost, quality, format & speed is a challenge for every project. However, itabaalu can be your one-stop platform to help in sourcing & organizing resources through its full-stack supply-chain ecosystem  and make construction projects easier, faster & better for you!


cost savings assured

risk minimized


How it works


Register your project
With the project details to access itabaalu benefits


We assign you project manager 
who shall guide you with all resource management processes


Start ordering resources
from itabaalu's exclusive marketplace of product's & resources


Park money safely
with our 100% refund policy on non-fulfillment of order


Enjoy seamless deliveries
with itabaalu's efficient & trackable logistics and delivery systems

Projects associated till now

We are partner's for construction companies and real-estate developer's in simplifying their resource management journey for their projects and helping them to scale faster!


Register your project

Choose type of project
Size of project
Choose current stage of project
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