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introducing itabaalu stores

The store with nearly infinite
inventory and solutions

First of its kind, itabaalu stores are a phygital store = physical + digital experience connecting you to numerous products and services offered by numerous manufacturer's and service provider's from India verified by

itabaalu stores offer's the most unique and smart procurement solutions for construction needs


Touch and feel  product samples or experience with VR backed by authentic information to select product's


Place order through a secured process of generating purchase order with transparent terms and 100% payment security 


Sit, relax and get your order delivered at selected location with real-time order tracking or get payment back on non-fulfillment

The store that sync's with your project needs

itabaalu stores offer's an unique procurement solution backed by resource management expertise of itabaalu, which sync's with the project needs and solve its resource aggregation requirement's  at the right time, place and price!

The itabaalu store's are born to eliminate the hassle and risks for your raw material procurement journey

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Geometric Architecture


If you are an architect, engineer, contractor, existing retail store owner or an enthusiast entrepreneur -  start building a virtual or physical retail store with infinite inventory but with zero inventory cost from and invite your customer's to experience your collection of products & materials and provide them a seamless, transparent & secured procurement experience

Open a virtual store at just INR 6,000/-

Get a ready-made online store to serve your client's with product's and services from your choice of collections and let make the possible by managing the entire back-end infrastructure for it!

Get unlimited support from

By gettting an itabaalu store you get the opportunity to build and grow your business with exclusive support from team to help you generate more sales and order by advertising your store on the platform and hyperlocal marketing facility by

Open a itabaalu store

Parallel Lines

We are on a mission to set the standards of raw material transactions from India for the globe to pave a way for envisioning  'make in India' products available at every corner's of the globe without hindrances


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