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Civil labour contractor required - 6 villas

Lonavala, Maharashtra, India

Work category

Civil construction works

Apply before

August 1, 2023

Scope of work

  • Excavation of foundation in all types of soil of depth up to the hard strata or as specified by the engineer, by mechanical means/manual means including dressing of sides & ramming of bottom, lift the soil & moving the soil up to a distance of 50 meters from the building line. Including Dewatering etc. complete.

  • Re-filling the foundation trenches with available excavated earth by mechanical

  • Providing & applying of anti-termite treatment for protection against attacks by subterranean

  • laying of 230mm rubble soling in hard laterite stone below foundation including dewatering,

  • Plain Cement Concreting ( including Formworks ) in M15 Grade

  • Reinforcement cement Concrete ( including Formworks ) In M25 Grade

  • 115 mm thick Red Brick Masonry

  • 230mm thick Red Brick Masonry

  • Internal Plaster in Cement sand faced

  • Applying of 20mm thick external ruff cast (sand-faced) plaster in 2 coats in proper lines

  • Applying of up to 20mm thick gypsum plaster on internal walls in prope line, levels

The layout and 3D drawings of the project and the buildings, are attached in the following pdf.

Download PDF • 4.83MB

villa 1 final
Download PDF • 11.41MB

Contract terms

1. The Labour Contractor will depute a Supervisor to supervise the work and the same shall be done in good workmanship manner as per, Standards IS and other Codes, and Local Supply Authorities Regulation with latest amendments

2. The successful bidder has to immediately submit a Completion schedule/Work schedule in the form of a Bar chart showing in detail the time required for each job/ activity and the dates on which the particular job will be completed.

3. The Labour Contractor shall depute adequate number of skilled and unskilled labours. If found necessary, The Labour Contractor must supplement the work force to adhere to the Completion schedule


Contractor has to make his own arrangements for proper storage of material & tools at site. In case of improper means for Storage, loading/unloading, Erection, The Labour Contractor Should immediately rectify the same when pointed out by the Employer at no extra cost to the Employer. No materials or stock or implements or tools or plants not connected with the work under the contract shall be brought and kept on the site of the work by The Labour Contractor. All materials, stock implements or tools or plants brought and delivered on site of work any time after

accepted must not be any time on any pretext whatsoever be sold or removed from the site without the previous written permission of the Employer.

5. The Labour Contractor shall arrange at this own cost for the transport for all the labour and Minor materials to the site of work.

6. Quantities are indicative and actual Quantities have to be worked out by The Labour Contractor & rates have to be submitted accordingly.


The Labour Contractor shall commence the work within 7 days from the receipt of the

intimation to the effect that his tender has been accepted. Failure on the part of The Labour Contractor in this respect shall not absolve The Labour Contractor from his liability for the delay if any in completion of the work on that account. The Labour Contractor shall also be required to submit Progress Report of the work completed at time intervals as instructed by the Employer

About the Employer

Empoyer name : Seedtree collab

Employer type: B2B

Address of employer : Surat, Gujrat, India

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